Twitter Retweet Accounts – The Grand List

Receiving a Twitter retweet is a great way to increase the reach of your message. A retweet is where another Twitter user re-posts your Tweet and shares it with their followers.

The re-tweet action has two positive impacts. Firstly, the Tweet gets shared with the re-tweeters audience, and secondly, the Twitter algorithm recognizes the engagement on the original tweet and assigns it more value.

So, how do you get retweeted? One method is to put the letters “RT” in the Tweet description. This action means that you would appreciate a Retweet from anybody reading it. However, it’s not an effective strategy in isolation. A more effective method is to tag Twitter accounts who actively state they are happy retweeting. You just need to tag them in the Tweet.

On this basis, we’ve put together a list of accounts that are particularly helpful in retweeting. Tag them in the Tweet description, and you’ve got a great chance of reaching out to that elusive wider audience.

LovingBlogs Twitter


A promotional network and for bloggers to promote their work Tag @LovingBlogs in your posts. 28K followers

UKBloggers1 on Twitter


The home of #UKBloggers on Twitter.



Sharing/Retweeting #blogs to help #bloggers promote their blogs. Add @wetweetblogs to your post for a retweet. 7,908 followers



Bloggers! We RT your blogs!! Happy to assist PR companies with finding the right bloggers! Run by bloggers. 3,239 followers

UK Blog RT Twitter


Twitter Account to support UK Bloggers. Will Retweet any blog tweets to @UKBlog_RT. 16.5K followers

Blog Magazine Twitter


The new Blog Magazine Twitter account. Will retweet blog tweets to @_Blogmagazine. Blog Comment threads will be added.

bblogrt Twitter


A promotional network and online community for bloggers to promote their work! Tag @BBlogRT for a RT #BBlogRTs. 35.1K followers

bloggingbeesrt Twitter


Twitter chat and #RT account. Connecting #bloggers all over! Twitter chats coming soon. Use #bloggingbeesrt for a RT!. 6,300 followers

The Bloggers Post Twitter


Blogger community. All bloggers are welcome 👋 Follow and tag @TheBloggersPost. 2,367 followers

Fab Bloggers Community Twitter


We RT all beauty, fashion, & lifestyle bloggers. We love to share the love! Mention @FabBloggersRT to get an RT. 8,564 followers

Fierce Bloggers Twitter


RTs 🔁 for bloggers, vloggers, authors, influencers & YOU! Founded to spread 💖 Follow & use #FierceBloggers for RTs. 8,879 followers

Blogger Opps RT Twitter


RT blog opps, sales, posts & giveaways #bbloggers #fbloggers #lbloggers. 3,764 followers

Retweet Bloggers Twitter


A place for bloggers and blog lovers | Follow us so we can share your posts! #bloggers #fbloggers #bbloggers. 5,924 followers

Bloggers Tribe Twitter


Uplifting & Positive Space for Content Creators ✨ Use #Bloggerstribe for RT ✌ Daily threads to help get your content out there & engagement up. 27.7K followers

LazyBlogging Twitter


LazyBlogging aims to motivate lazy bloggers & youtubers to create more regular content! Tag us in your blog posts for a retweet! 4,613 followers

BloggingConnect Twitter


Connecting Bloggers and Brands Worldwide. 13K followers

Bloggers Hut Twitter


A Positive & inclusive place for all bloggers. Include “@BloggersHut #BloggersHutRT” for a retweet!.

The Blogger Group Worldwide


Worldwide Blogger Community. Follow and use #tbgww or @ for RT! Comment Threads and Twitter Chats planned. 3,239 followers

If you run a Retweet account and would like it added to this list. Please get in touch and provide details.

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