Best Web Hosting: Ranking by Trust: January 2021

We often get asked the question: Which is the best web hosting for a blog?

It’s a genuinely subjective question because a well-considered answer will depend on your requirements and budget. 

Have you got the budget for a 64GB Dedicated Server or some cheap shared hosting? 

What is your level of expertise? Feel up to managing cloud hosting with Amazon AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud?

It’s hard to answer a generic question, like “What is the best car?” Do you mean an affordable car, a reliable vehicle? or a performance car?

Also worth mentioning is the simple fact that many web hosts are promoted heavily in blogging circles by affiliates who earn money when a click through to the vendor website translates into a sale.

“Bluehost is hands down the best host.” Really? Why has it got such subpar reviews on Trustpilot? Somebody must be wrong. Either the affiliate earning commission or the hundreds of people reviewing it on Trustpilot. Decide for yourself.

For transparency, we at the Blog Magazine are also affiliates of many top hosting companies. Still, we won’t recommend a host without good reason, and we always suggest checking out reviews. 

The Blog Magazine is supported by its audience. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Full Affiliate Disclosure.

The best host for you at any given time should reflect your circumstances and will vary depending on what they are.

For instance, we don’t suggest any newbie blogger sign up for a multi-year hosting plan, purely on the basis that statistics indicate most bloggers quit within a few months. 

For a new blogger, we’d recommend a PAY-AS-YOU-GO host in the early stages. That advice and change later on, if and when they get established.

We also strongly suggest people look at reviews from people using the service. We don’t mean reviews on the vendor website (they aren’t likely to post any negative ones), but rather via an independent source such as Trustpilot.

Here are some of the review scores at Trustpilot for many of the hosts you see typically recommended by bloggers. We’ll call this a Web Host Ranking By Trust.

HOSTRating / Review Count
=1) Cloudways94% (610)
=1) Dreamhost94% (1,510)
=1) SiteGround94% (7,842)
=4) GreenGeeks92% (365)
=4) Host4Geeks92% (317)
=4) Liquidweb92% (439)
7) WP Engine88% (169)
8) Godaddy82% (16,954)
9) Hostgator62% (985)
10) Bluehost48% (914)
Web Hosting Trust Rankings (by Review)

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Best Web Hosting For Blogs (By Trust - Jan 2021)
Best Web Hosting For Blogs (By Trust - Jan 2021)
Best Web Hosting For Blogs (By Trust - Jan 2021)
Best Web Hosting For Blogs (By Trust - Jan 2021)