The Writer’s Toolkit Bundle 2021

How would you like access to over 30 professional eCourses to take your writing to another level?

How would you like 6 electronic books, freelance contracts, and a years membership to ProWritingAid University?

Sound to be good to be true? It actually gets even better…

The Writer’s Toolkit Bundle (2021 edition) includes 30 eCourses, six eBooks, Freelance Contract Template & membership of ProWritingAid University. All for $97! Created by authors for authors. A unique, well-curated set of resources to help you become a more productive and better writer.

30 eCourses

Thirty curated courses to dig deeper into the art of successful writing. 

6 eBooks

In PDF (and available in eReader formats including Kindle and Nook).

Membership Site

Membership to the ProWritingAid University.

Six eBooks, Thirty eCourses, one template, and a Membership Site created by Writers who understand the struggle!

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The Writer’s Toolkit is Only Available between 7-11 June, 2021

39 resources worth $5354.73 (when purchased individually) for $97.

You cannot buy this bundle outside of the sale window, so if you’re going to jump on this offer, don’t procrastinate! It’ll be gone before you know it.

The Writer’s Toolkit Bundle – What’s Inside?

The 39 premium products in the bundle come from top authors, content creators, and course producers, including names such as Leonie Dawson, Carol Kline, Ashley M. King, Aisha Preece, and Belinda Griffin.


7 resources worth $1033.54

Book Building: A Beginner’s Guide to Crafting Your Book

by C.E. Flores (eBook) Usual Price: $5.54

Has formatting your book turned into a nightmare? Fear not! The mystery of book organization is a thing of the past.

Book Building in the Writer's Toolkit.
Get It Done Book Camp  in the Writer's toolkit.

Get It Done Book Camp: How To Write, Launch, & Market Your Book WITH EASE in Just 90 Days

by Ashley M. King (eCourse) Usual Price $127.00

Learn How To Write, Launch, & Market Your Book WITH EASE in Just 90 Days.

How to Write a Book in 30 Days

by Frances Vidakovic (eCourse) Usual Price: $37.00

35 strategic, foolproof steps to get your digital eBook complete in one month

How To Write A Book In 30 Days  in the Writer's Toolkit.
6 Day Book Outline

The 6 Day Book Outline

by Todd Brison (eCourse) Usual Price $197.00

Save six months of time when you write the book! 

The Dapper Drafter

by Loni Crittenden (eCourse) Usual Price: $74.00

Everything you need to finish your frickin’ novel!

The Dapper Drafter eCourse in the Writer's Toolkit.
40 Days To A Finished Book

40 Days to a Finished Book

by Leonie Dawson (eCourse) Usual Price $199.00

It’s time to get your book DONE, out of your head, into the world, helping the people it’s meant to, and bringing YOU clients + abundance…

Make Publishing Fun: Get Your Transformational Book Done

by Carol Kline and Kathryn Guylay (eCourse) Usual Price: $394.00

Turn your story/expertise into a transformational book; learn the formula that created multiple New York Times Bestselling Transformational Books.

Make Publishing Profitable And Fun


7 resources worth $485.00

Freelance Writer Contract Template

by Lucrezia Iapichino (eCourse) Usual Price: $87.00

Plug-and-play contract template professionally drafted by an experienced lawyer for freelance writers

Freelance Writer Contract Template
Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing: The Ultimate Guide to REAL Success

by Traci Benoit (eCourse) Usual Price $97.00

You can become a successful freelance writer in just a few weeks – even with zero experience. 

How To Become A Freelance Writer In 60 Days

by Aisha Preece (eBook) Usual Price: $37.00

A 110+ page ebook with detailed strategies on the exact steps you need to take, to become a paid freelance writer in 60 days.

How To Become A Freelance Writer In 60 Days
ProBloggers Ultimate Guide to Freelance Writing

ProBlogger’s Ultimate Guide to Freelance Writing: How to Get Paid Blogging Jobs

by ProBlogger (eBook) Usual Price $29.00

Once you’ve read this guide, you’ll know everything you need in order to become a paid blogger.

The Business of Writing & Editing: Deluxe Package (start your career as a freelance writer TODAY)

by Sagan Morrow (eCourse) Usual Price: $39.00 

Get the practical tips, guidance, and motivation to start your freelance writing business with confidence!

The Business of Writing + Editing
The Ultimate Guide To Ghostwriting  in the Writer's Toolkit.

The Ultimate Guide to Ghostwriting

by Heather Ritchie (eBook) Usual Price $47.00

Learn everything you need to know about starting a ghostwriting business so you can ditch your 9-5 and start making some serious money.

Freelance Book Editing 101

by Susannah Noel & Nancy Marriott (eCourse) Usual Price: $149.00

Turn your love of books into a rewarding part-time or full-time career as a freelance book editor.

Freelance Book Editing 101


6 resources worth $832.99

Publicist in a Box

by Larissa Banting (eCourse) Usual Price: $141.00

The #1 strategy to get free top-tier media exposure without a publicist.

Publicist In A Box
Your Message Matters

Your Message Matters Masterclass

by Mark Timm (eCourse) Usual Price $399.00

A 10 module online course where best selling author, Mark Timm, shares secrets to successfully writing and launching a best selling book.

Content Planning Toolkit

by Tonia Kendrick (eCourse) Usual Price: $67.00

A complete system to help you create a smart, actionable content plan so that you publish consistently without being so overwhelmed.

The 10 Day Smart Author Publicity Challenge

The 10-Day Smart Author Publicity Challenge

by Belinda Griffin (eCourse) Usual Price $97.00

Secure your first or next guest post or podcast interview in just 10 days, so you can get in front of your ideal readers, grow your platform and sell more books.

Mastering Keywords and Categories

by Dave Chesson (eCourse) Usual Price: $49.99

Through this course, you’ll be able to look over my shoulder as I show you how to find the best Amazon keywords and categories and use them to your advantage.

Mastering Keywords And Categories
LinkedIn Marketing For Freelance Writers

LinkedIn Marketing for Freelance Writer

by Carol Tice (eCourse) Usual Price $79.00

Discover how to use LinkedIn to get well-paid writing jobs.


7 resources worth $1201.00

12-Months to Full Time Author

by Steff Green (eCourse) Usual Price: $197.00

Get the plan, the tools, and the mindset to quit your day job in 12-months to write full-time.

12 Months To Full Time Writing
Believe Plan Act

Believe, Plan, Act: A Platform + Productivity Planner for Writers

by Kimberley Grabas (eCourse) Usual Price $37.00

The complete productivity + planning system for your author business.

The Artistic, Creative Author

by Alana Terry (eCourse) Usual Price: $149.00

A four week training to inspire your creative side.

The Artistic Creative Author
The Writer's Deadline Formula

The Writer’s Deadline Formula

by Marion Roach Smith (eCourse) Usual Price $97.00

Discover how to develop a daily writing habit.

Next Level Writer’s Workshop

by Mike Michalowicz (eCourse) Usual Price: $475

A series of 3 videos – recordings of the most important parts of The Next Level Workshop

Next Level Author Workshop
Finally Write That Book

Finally Write That Book!

by JJ Conway (eCourse) Usual Price $49

How to overcome mental blocks, fund your book project, stop saying “one day” and FINALLY write that book

Perfect Writing Day

by Hope Writers (eCourse) Usual Price: $197.00

A digital course that includes ten modules to help you create your perfect writing day. An excellent addition to the Writer’s toolkit.

Perfect Writing Day


6 resources worth $561.20

Behind-The-Scenes Book Success Workshop

by Lise Cartwright (eCourse) Usual Price: $44.00

Learn how to validate your book idea, find profitable keywords that make you money, and identify best selling categories for launching your book on Amazon!

Behind The Scenes Book Success Workshop
Build Your Book Cover By Friday

Build Your Book Cover by Friday

by Abi Partridge (eCourse) Usual Price $65.20

With this course you will finally give your book it’s birthday in a cover that you love and are proud to share.

Copyright and Disclaimer Template for Ebooks

by Amira Irfan (Template) Usual Price: $97.00

If you have an ebook or are considering creating one, this is the legal template you will need! You Must Include Proper Copyright Notice and Disclaimer Language in Your Book to Be Legally Protected. This template works for both printed and ebooks! 

Copyright and Disclaimer Template
Make Publishing Profitable And Fun

Make Publishing Profitable and Fun

by Kathryn Guylay (eCourse) Usual Price $198.00

How to successfully navigate the complex publishing industry and avoid mistakes that have cost other authors thousands of dollars.

Self Publishing Masterclass: Go From Idea to Bestseller

by Jen Ruiz (eCourse) Usual Price: $60.00

Learn how to self-publish your book on Amazon in 5 easy steps.

Self Publishing Masterclass
Self Publish Kickstart Program

Self-Publish Kickstart Program

by Bridget Liggett (eCourse) Usual Price $97.00

Everything you need to know about publishing and marketing your self-published book!


6 resources worth $1241.00

ProWritingAid University

by ProWritingAid (Membership) Usual Price: $499

1 Year Membership via the Writer’s toolkit bundle – Build your writing skills, find your writing family, and get your ideas out there.

ProWritingAid University Membership
How To Set Achievable Goals For Your Book Launch

How to Set Achievable Goals for Your Book Launch

by Dorethia Kelly ( eCourse) Usual Price $197

Writing a book is a fulfilling accomplishment, learn how to set achievable goals and knock ’em out of the park!

Punctuation 101

by Catherine Turner (eBook) Usual Price: $17

Learn the mistakes you need to avoid making if you want to become a better proofreader and writer!

Punctuation 101
Energize Your Writing Toolkit

The Energize Your Writing Toolkit: Cheat Sheets for Character Emotions ebook and mini-course

by Stacy Juba (eCourse) Usual Price $29.00

Never struggle with character emotions again! Get this 100-page printable toolkit packed with more than 4,000 emotional phrases arranged into easy-to-digest lists. 

Character Creation Crash Course

by Kristina Adams (eCourse) Usual Price: $199.00

Discover how to create realistic, believable, and three-dimensional characters that readers remember long after they’ve turned the final page.

Character Creation Crash Course
Write Better Right Now

Write Better, Right Now: The No-Nonsense Writing Course

by Abigail King (eCourse) Usual Price $300.00

Learn the secrets that published writers know.

The Writer’s Toolkit is Only Available between 7-11 June, 2021

39 resources worth $5354.73 (if purchased individually) for $97.

You cannot buy this bundle outside of the sale window, so if you’re going to jump on this offer, don’t procrastinate! It’ll be gone before you know it.

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