Link Building Course with Ashley Ward

Pump up your knowledge on the basics of link building with this free and in-depth course from industry expert Ashley Ward.

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  • 5 lessons – Exclusive video lessons with passionate digital marketer Ashley Ward
  • Learn how to build links, both internal and external, with Semrush tools om just 1 hour
  • The course is 100% free. Save your money and use it on your own SEO efforts and future marketing activities.


Upon completion of the course you will receive official SEMrush Academy certification. The SEMrush toolset is used by 1 in 4 Fortune 500 companies and over 6 million users.

Course Syllabus

The course is ideal for those seeking to save time and effort in understanding and building backlinks to boost domain authority and traffic.

Lesson 1. Backlink Research & Bulk Backlink Analysis
In this lesson, you’ll discover your website’s backlink profile, as well as explore your competitors’ backlinks with Semrush reports.
Lesson 2. Avoiding Google Penalties
Google penalties can prove costly. You will learn how to detect and disavow toxic backlinks to avoid Google penalties, as well as find and recover lost backlinks. Valuable lessons here..
Lesson 3. Internal Linking
A healthy, well-ranking website must have a well-planned internal linking strategy. You will check your website’s performance in terms of internal linking and learn how to fix linking errors, keeping your website free of issues..
Lesson 4. Building Links
This step-by-step link building process helps you uncover prospects and convert them into valuable backlinks. This lesson will show you how you can expand your linking influence.
Lesson 5. Backlink Gap Analysis
Knowing the competition is important to your website’s success. The Backlink Gap tool will help you find backlinks that your competitors have and that you need.

The course is ideal for businesses and individual bloggers looking to save time and effort by using Semrush. You’ll be guided through all the necessary tools in a series of free video lessons.

Official certification from the SEMrush Academy comes with Kudos as the vendor’s products are used by one in four Fortune 500 companies and an additional 6 million web and SEO users.

Make your next hour a productive one!


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