How to Join ShareASale

ShareASale is a popular affiliate network where you register to find businesses with products or services you can promote. There are over 4,500 merchants spanning more than 100 categories.

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No matter what your niche, there is a product or service you can promote through this site. In this article, we’ll show you how to join ShareASale.

Once you are approved by ShareASale, you can apply to join their affiliate programs that are a good fit for your blogging niche and audience.

As an approved affiliate partner, you make money by generating sales or some other specified action (i.e., generating a lead) for the merchant.

Referral sites are one of the fastest ways to make money online. In fact, many successful online marketers say that they earn most of their income from ShareASale.

The first step in the whole process is to get approved by ShareASale.

Let’s walk through that process.

Pre-Requisites to joining ShareASale

If you want to join ShareASale, you must have an existing website. Furthermore, it’ll speed up the acceptance process if the email address you provide is related to the domain name you give for the website.

If you haven’t got a website, then you won’t progress beyond the registration form.

Registration Procedure

Next, we’ll walk through the process of completing the application form with a few tips on increasing your chances of acceptance into the network.


How to Join ShareASale – Step by Step.

  1. Open the ShareASale Account Page

    Start here by opening up the ShareASale website.

    In the top-right corner, you’ll see a sign-up button (as illustrated below). Click the button.

    Screenshot of ShareASale Website

  2. Sign up As An Affiliate (Publisher).

    Choose the Affiliate Sign-Up option from the drop-down menu in the top-right corner.

    Sign up as a ShareASale Affiliate

  3. Pick a Username and Set Password

    Choose a username, password and select your country of residence. The information provided will act as your future login credentials.

    Create a ShareASale Account

  4. Enter Affiliate Details

    Basic Information:
    Enter your website address and choose the language. Having a website is mandatory when applying to ShareASale.

    Website Content:
    Define if your website includes adult content or not. Presumably, adult websites will go through a more detailed vetting process.

    Promotional Strategies:
    The last set of questions is related to the type of site you have. If you don’t understand any of the information requests, your answer should be no. If you answer yes to any of the questions in this section, I suspect this will flag your site for further inspection.

    Provide ShareASale Affiliate Information

  5. Enter Your Email Address

    In the next step, you’ll be asked to provide your email address.

    If the email address is related to the domain name you named earlier, then it’ll speed up the processing of your application.

    ShareASale will send you an email to confirm that this is your current and active address.

  6. Enter Contact Details

    The next stage involves providing your personal information: name, address, phone number. You’re required to create a four-digit security PIN, which gets used as an identifying credential. Ensure it’s one you can remember.

    The description field is for you to provide information on how you plan on promoting stuff. Explain the niche of your website, and how you plan to drive traffic to the merchant’s website. If you are a blogger, explain your niche and why you chose it. Mention your social media presence, if you have one.

    This final question is related to your site and incentives. For example, do you reward customers for completing actions?

    The query does not relate to things like giving a free ebook away in return for signing up for an email list. The question is more about financial gain.

    Join ShareASale

  7. Payment

    You don’t have to pay for anything! This section is asking how you would like to get paid once you’ve earned commissions.

    Depending on your resident location, you’ll have options such as Payoneer, Direct Bank Deposit, Check, and Wired Deposit.

That’s it! When you confirm the automated email from ShareASale to your designated email address, you will get a decision within 1-3 days. If the email address matches the primary domain name you registered, then it’s more likely to take around 24 hours.

IF ACCEPTED, you can apply to join affiliate programs of the 4,500 merchants in the network.