Free Pinterest Course from the Pinterest Academy

In this free Pinterest course from the Pinterest Academy, you’ll learn the ins and outs of Pinterest, from creating inspiring content to planning, launching and monitoring campaigns. Moreover, you’ll experience exciting features that will help you make most of the platform.

Important! To register for this course, you will need to log in with a Pinterest business account.

Business accounts are easy to set up (you don’t need any legal paperwork), so anybody can set one up or link a new business account to an existing personal account. Pinterest provides step-by-step instructions.

This course has:

  • 8 modules – Exclusive lessons from Pinterest Academy professionals
  • Learn how to use and master Pinterest from a business perspective.
  • The course is 100% free. Save your money and use it on your own social media efforts and future marketing activities.

Free Pinterest Course Syllabus

The course is ideal for those seeking to get up to date learning materials for Pinterest. The Pinterest Academy is run by the platform vendors. “Straight from the horse’s mouth” has never been more true.

Module 1. Welcome to Pinterest
The Pinterest Point of View: This course breaks down the basics of our unique platform and how you can harness the power of Pinterest to inspire others and grow your business.

How Pinterest Works: Learn the ins and outs of Pinterest, from the different types of Pin formats to organizing boards. We’ll introduce exciting features that will help you to make the most of the platform.

Meet the Pinterest audience: This course introduces the different types of people who use Pinterest, what Pinners are looking for when they come to the platform and how your brand can meet them at the right moment.

Module 2. Creating Inspiring Content
The Basics: Learn about Pins: what they consist of, how they appear and guidelines for creating. We’ll also outline what we do and don’t allow on Pinterest. By the end of these courses, you’ll be able to create a Pin, and understand the various types of Pins that can be found on the platform.  

The Pinner mindset: One of the most important aspects of Pinterest is the Pinner. To create successful Pins, it helps to understand the mindset of a Pinterest user. Learn about the five dimensions of inspiration, along with practical ways to create unique Pins.

Success on Pinterest: We’ll cover what it takes to succeed on Pinterest, from how often you should pin, to how to identify an audience and build for context. These courses will help you create and maintain a successful Pinterest presence, both organic and paid.
Module 3. Planning your campaign
Setting up a campaign: Learn how Pinterest can help you grow your business through our unique ad products. In this course we’ll cover key objectives, the importance of budgets and scheduling and ways to measure success.

Finding your audience: Understand the targeting capabilities on Pinterest. We’ll break down the targeting options we offer, who they target, how they work and how to apply to your ads on Pinterest.

Leveraging insights & analytics: Our insight and analytics tools are designed to help you understand your presence on Pinterest. Learn how each tool can be used to make your Pins more effective.
Module 4. Launching your campaign
Campaign basics: In this course, you’ll learn how to build a successful campaign, the ads environment on Pinterest and how to apply the Pinterest tag to your campaign.

Mastering Ads Manager: Get familiar with Ads Manager and learn how to create, manage and optimize campaigns on Pinterest. We’ll walk you through ways you can create ads, leverage tools available on mobile and how to use automatic bidding.

Understanding the ads auction: Learn about the ads auction process on Pinterest, how and when to bid, and what levers you can use to influence your opportunity.

Launch cheat sheet: This includes a pre-launch checklist and campaign tips for each objective. Finish with a knowledge check to review what you’ve learned.
Module 5. Building your Audience as a Creator
Getting started: This course is all about Pinterest as a platform–and what makes it a unique and powerful space for creators. We’ll walk you through setting up a profile, and explain how content gets discovered so you have an understanding of how content is created and discovered on Pinterest.

Cheat sheet: Learn about the features offered to creators on Pinterest. We’ll go over types of Pin formats, the various partners and tools you can use to create content, as well as creative best practices and things to consider when sharing content on Pinterest.

Planning for success: This course will help you make the most of your content on Pinterest by implementing strategies and measuring your results. Learn what it takes to create a Pin, ways you can measure activity and engagement, and how to grow your audience on the platform.
Module 6. Inspired Shopping
Shopping on Pinterest:
In this course we introduce Pinterest as a shopping platform. We’ll cover how it works, how Pinners shop, why it’s unique and the marketing opportunity it presents for brands and retailers. We also share a success story from a real brand.

Key terms and features: This course breaks down all the shopping products we offer brands and retailers, and important terms you’ll need to know. Consider it a reference guide for creating your own shopping ads campaign.

How to launch shopping on Pinterest: This course walks you through the process of creating a shopping ads campaign. From how to prepare, to how to measure and optimize for success, we’ll provide detailed instructions and best practices.

The Verified Merchant Program: Learn about our Verified Merchant Program, how it works and the benefits of being a Verified Merchant on Pinterest. We’ll also cover program requirements, how to apply, and how to stay compliant.
Module 7. Thought Leadership
Earlier than ever: Holiday: People are searching for and saving holiday ideas earlier than they ever have on Pinterest. Months earlier. Find out why—and why it matters for your brand.

How to inspire through uncertainty: Pinterest is a platform where people consciously come to plan their future rather than scrolling through posts about the past. Because Pinterest is grounded in the future, we get an earlier indication of where consumers are headed, and can help brands better predict what’s to come for their category. Consider this a field guide for how brands can stand apart by staying ahead of a rapidly changing curve of consumer behavior.

Inspired shopping products playbook: Visual. Personal. Actionable. Pinterest is where shoppers come to discover new brands like yours. Be there when Pinners are deciding what to buy next.

Breakthrough video on Pinterest: The Pinterest feed is competitive by design. Unlike a typical single-column feed, it delivers four to five Pins on mobile at a time to maximize inspiration. To capture Pinners’ attention, it’s important to create ideas that aren’t just relevant and useful, but also visually playful. Use this book of breakthrough techniques to create thumb-stopping content for people on Pinterest.
Module 8. Creative Tools for Partners
Making inspiring Pins with PicMonkey:
Transform your images and videos with PicMonkey to easily create Pins for Pinterest.

How to build beautiful Pins with Canva: Learn how to use Canva’s free templates to build beautiful Pins for Pinterest within a matter of minutes.

How to create Pins on the go with Over: Learn how to use Over to create Pins.

The course is ideal for businesses and individual bloggers looking to leverage the power of Pinterest to improve results.


Note: You will need to login to your business account to see the course modules. If you haven’t got a business account, then click here for instructions on how to create one.

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