Does SiteGround use or

Questioning whether SiteGround uses or usually arises out of confusion or lack of knowledge on WordPress.

There is a short answer to the question, but the longer explanation is worth digesting to understand WordPress and some of the terminology in use.

Does Siteground use or

The short answer is that SiteGround uses the open-source WordPress software that is freely available fromĀ

We’re guessing that the question arises from the confusion that often results when reading about “WordPress” variations on social media communities such as Facebook groups and forums. Let’s clear up some of the terminology.

WordPress Terminology

1) WordPress is software. More specifically, an open-source content management system.

2) is the website where you can find and download the WordPress software. The site also acts as a repository for themes (to style your website), plugins (to extend the power of WordPress), and documentation.

3) The definition of Self-hosted WordPress is where you take the WordPress Software from and install it on a server under your control.

In practice, this is much easier than it sounds. If you purchase web hosting with SiteGround they automate this process with just a couple of button clicks.

4) is a proprietary blogging environment operated by Automattic. WordPress (the software) runs on the platform, but it’s a restricted version of the software, and you won’t necessarily be able to install plugins or themes of your choice.

SiteGround Web Hosting for WordPress

SiteGround fits into the WordPress jigsaw puzzle as a web hosting company that offers to host the full-blown “self-hosted” WordPress on your behalf. You won’t need to do anything manually, such as downloading the software from The process is all taken care of by SiteGround.

The video below illustrates how WordPress gets managed on a SiteGround Web Hosting Plan.

WordPress Hosting at SiteGround

SiteGround has an excellent reputation according to online reviews. A TrustScore of 9.4 on Trustpilot is phenomenal for a web host.

  • 94% Trustpilot Rating based on thousands of reviews.
  • Trusted by the owners of 2,000,000 domains

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SiteGround is a web hosting company founded in 2004 by a group of university friends. Since then, the business has grown into one of the largest hosting companies in the world. SiteGround provides shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting, dedicated servers, and cloud hosting. Other services include email hosting and domain registration.